May 30
Why Your Secrets Are No Longer Secrets

What we think we share privately isn’t actually private. In this post we explore the concept of online privacy, and if it actually exists today.


A lot of us have Facebook messages, text messages, and emails that we hope will never see the light of day. Not that these messages are incriminating, but if they got out, it wouldn’t reflect well on our public reputations. READ MORE “Why Your Secrets Are No Longer Secrets”

May 23
5 Reasons No One Seems to Care About Online Privacy

Failing to protect your online privacy can lead to a number of consequences. We examine the real reasons people don’t protect themselves online.


Every couple of months, issues surrounding online privacy seem to bubble up in the news. But after the news cycle passes, any interest in the subject comes to a halt. It seems like people truly want to be interested in their online privacy, but it’s either too much work or they simply get bored talking about the subject.

Whatever the reason, most people don’t care about online privacy until they’re caught up in an issue that could have been prevented by being more cautious online.
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May 16
How Social Media is Enabling Online and Offline Bullying

Did you know that teen social media use can actually lead to online and offline bullying? We look at why this occurs and a few ways to remedy this.


In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought this was an important time to bring the issues of cyberbullying and offline bullying to light. Social media connects us in many ways and has brought a myriad of benefits into our lives. However, when such a young technology spreads so quickly, we never truly know the negative consequences until it’s too late. READ MORE “How Social Media is Enabling Online and Offline Bullying”

Feb 4
Finally – There’s an Ad-Free & Private Social Network!

Today is a special day in our office.

After what feels like an eternity of hard work, debate, healthy snacks, unhealthy snacks, testing, retesting, and re-retesting  (thank you New Zealand!) we’re finally opening up Just10 to a global audience.

We know there’s a lot of features missing, and there’s definitely bugs that we haven’t yet identified, but today we’ve reached a point where we can proudly and publicly hang our shingle and let the world know what we’re trying to achieve.
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Jan 28
Kia Ora – New Ad-Free Social Network for NZ

Today we’re delighted to announce that our pre-release product goes live in one country only, and that country is… drum roll please… New Zealand!

Why New Zealand You May Ask?

Well firstly, people in New Zealand are some of the most educated consumers in the world when it comes to Privacy and Data Protection. One recent study done by the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner revealed that 77 Percent of New Zealanders had changed their Facebook privacy settings to private. By my calculation, that means nearly 6 out of 10 adults in New Zealand want a fully private social network.

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