Jul 7
7 Ways to Preserve Your Privacy Online

Want to know how to preserve your already limited privacy? We dive into seven different ways you can up your online privacy game.


Privacy is becoming a rarity these days. There’s probably enough information floating around about you online that it wouldn’t be too difficult to build an accurate representation of who you are offline.

Governments, corporations, advertisers. There’s a giant war going on online, and you’re in the middle of it. Your data, your attention, your very soul is at risk. Beyond companies bidding over your precious data, there are a ton of other risks lurking online, like malware, viruses, phishing, and identity theft scams.

Yikes! Maybe it’s time to unplug and go off the grid. But, if you’re like me (and anyone else who needs the Internet to function, so, um, everyone), there is another way. It just takes a little bit more effort on your part. But when you think of all the potentially disastrous consequences that can be avoided, you’ll probably see it as a great investment.

Below we highlight seven different ways you can preserve and protect your privacy online without sacrificing your sanity. READ MORE “7 Ways to Preserve Your Privacy Online”

Jun 27
Social Media Is Making Us Miserable: Here’s What You Can Do About It

Do you feel like social media might actually be making you unhappy? Your hunch might be right. We explore why and give you a few remedies inside.


We’ve all been there. It’s 1am, you need to get to sleep, yet your thumb just keeps scrolling down the newsfeed. With each scroll, your self worth declines, and you feel worse and worse about yourself until you finally drift off to sleep.

Or, how about this one? You finally have a free moment during the day. You’ve been fairly productive, have produced some good work, skipped the fries and had a salad instead…and you  even squeezed in a morning run. Yup, you’re feeling pretty great about yourself. But then disaster strikes.

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Jun 20
Your Attention Is Being Sold to the Highest Bidder: How We’ve All Become Products

We’ve slowly transitioned from living, breathing humans into nothing more than a set of eyeballs advertisers can buy. How did this happen? We explore in this post.


Every single second you are being sold. Did you feel it? Maybe not. Because it’s subtle. And we’ve grown used to it. 

Your attention currently powers the greatest corporations of our time. Most of the current innovations across Google, Facebook, and other internet giants are funded by our eyeballs. Our focused attention.

These giant networks sell our attention to advertisers who then sell us products that are based upon the data these companies provided them. How else do you think the sidebar ads that keep showing up are strangely compelling and begging you to click?

Below we look at why advertisers are battling over our attention and what we can do to protect ourselves from this raging war. READ MORE “Your Attention Is Being Sold to the Highest Bidder: How We’ve All Become Products”

Jun 13
Why Protecting Your Children’s Online Rights Is Your Responsibility

As a parent, it’s important for you to take your child’s online privacy seriously. Inside, we illustrate why—as well as what you can do to improve it.


Kids are connected to the Internet and using smartphones and tablets at an earlier age than ever before. As a parent, this only adds to your list of things you need to manage and stay on top of.

Sharing personal information about your children freely and letting them browse the web with wild abandon will only lead to problems later on.

Below we illuminate why protecting your children’s digital sovereignty is your responsibility, and give you a few ways you can help to mitigate the negative consequences of Internet and social media connectivity from a young age. READ MORE “Why Protecting Your Children’s Online Rights Is Your Responsibility”

Jun 10
William Hague: ‘No One Has Absolute Right To Privacy’

Less than 24 hours after the controversial Investigatory Power Bill passed through the U.K. House of Commons, former Foreign Secretary William Hague has said he believes there should be no “absolute right to privacy.”

The bill, referred to as the Snooper’s Charter by privacy and human rights advocates, will require internet service providers and mobile phone companies to maintain records of customer’s emails, texts, internet browsing activity and voice calls for 12 months.
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Jun 8
The public relations nightmare that is a data breach: How to avoid a PR disaster and protect your business & customer base

Not a week goes by where a data breach doesn’t rear its ugly head – recently we have seen Tumblr and LinkedIn fall victim to cyber attacks, while TalkTalk, Sony and Target have become big name brands synonymous with the ‘mega breach’ moniker, seemingly mentioned in every introductory paragraph of data breach rhetoric. MySpace is reportedly the next giant to be exposed in a mega breach, rumoured to be the biggest data breach yet – though we will have to wait to see if this accolade materialises.

In CBR’s data breach series, we have told you how to identify if a data breach has hit your business, followed with what to do in the first few critical hours after discovery. Response to a data breach must be led by quarantine, blocking the threat and removing the malware or vulnerability. However, there is a non-IT side to every response plan – a side which is just as important as the technical response in the mitigating of damages to the business. READ MORE “The public relations nightmare that is a data breach: How to avoid a PR disaster and protect your business & customer base”

Jun 8
The silent web: Is encryption here to stay?

What’s your secret? Encrypted instant messaging is the latest trend, from apps like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Telegram and Signal to Wire, Wickr and Surespot. Not forgetting Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime. Before we know it, everything will be encrypted. It mostly already is.

Encryption often crops up when talking about criminals, usually painted as a tool for terrorism, but that’s just spin from power grabbing politicians – we already live in an encrypted world. ATMs, phone calls, bank transfers, even the files we sync with Dropbox – it’s all encrypted. It’s got to be. The trend towards encrypted messaging apps is just the latest part of the jigsaw. READ MORE “The silent web: Is encryption here to stay?”

Jun 6
Just10 Review by BerryReporter.com

When it comes to social networks, we all have at least one, probably a few actually.  Most social networks were developed to be a great way to stay connected to friends and family members who might be far away from each other. They are also a great way to connect with people who you might have things in common with, like a group for a certain sports team. Facebook, probably the biggest social network today, was designed for college students to connect with one another and connect with other students who they don’t have an everyday interaction with.  I have a Facebook account and loved that I could stay in touch with my family back home in Pennsylvania when I was living in Connecticut.  They or I would share photos, thoughts, and other things that allowed the other to share with.

Let’s face it though, a lot of my friends on Facebook, aren’t actually that big of friends to me in real life. READ MORE “Just10 Review by BerryReporter.com”

Jun 6
How Your Public Venting Can Cost You Your Job, and What to Do Instead

Posting unsavory things on social media can end up costing you your job, and diminish future employment choices. Inside, we show you what to avoid.


We’re all prone to sharing and saying things we wish we never did. It’s hard to be on our toes 24/7 and consistently say the right things. And, with the advent of social media, our means of expression have only grown. We can now share our opinions and thoughts with the world anytime we wish, and that can bring about a host of new problems of we aren’t careful!
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May 30
Social Media Is Proving To Be A Detriment To Our Mental Health

In just one decade, social media has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Over 1.6 billion people have created profiles, collectively posting hundreds of millions of photos every day, and tweeting six thousand times every second — indeed one recent survey revealed that Canadians socialize more online than in real life.

Which begs the question, if we’re all having such a great time socializing, then why does study after study indicate the country is suffering from rising levels of anxiety, stress, depression and even suicide? The latest research suggests up to 20 per cent — or one in five — of Canadians under the age of 19 are affected by a mental illness.
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