Sep 12
How to Talk to Your Teen About Internet Privacy (Without Being Lame or Ignored)

It’s not a fun task to speak with your teenager about their internet privacy, but it has to be done. Learn the best tips for easy communication today:


Here’s a fun fact to make you think: every teenager under the age of 16 was born after the year 2000.

They were born years after Google was founded; they were in diapers when Facebook was still courting college freshmen; and most of them shared their first Instagram post before they were out of junior high school.

Bet that makes you feel old, right?

Teens these days have grown up with the internet and social media all around them. They’ve never known what it’s like to not be connected.

While it’s awesome that our youth is so comfortable with technology, there’s a sort of naive ignorance that comes along with pre-established technology.

When new technology comes out, we’re all curious and skeptical about it; we need to find out how it works. However, when you grow up with technology that’s already established, you don’t tend to question it; you take it for granted and go with the flow.

For example, you probably never questioned why your old teachers’ photocopies in school always had purple ink; you just took your quiz and waited excitedly for recess.

But this is exactly what’s so troubling for teens online: they have no idea how compromised their online privacy can become with just a few easy-to-avoid missteps.

That’s why today we’re going to discuss everything your teen needs to know to protect their online privacy—and we’ll even share our favorite tips for easy communication so you can start the discussion off on the right foot. READ MORE “How to Talk to Your Teen About Internet Privacy (Without Being Lame or Ignored)”

Jun 27
Social Media Is Making Us Miserable: Here’s What You Can Do About It

Do you feel like social media might actually be making you unhappy? Your hunch might be right. We explore why and give you a few remedies inside.


We’ve all been there. It’s 1am, you need to get to sleep, yet your thumb just keeps scrolling down the newsfeed. With each scroll, your self worth declines, and you feel worse and worse about yourself until you finally drift off to sleep.

Or, how about this one? You finally have a free moment during the day. You’ve been fairly productive, have produced some good work, skipped the fries and had a salad instead…and you  even squeezed in a morning run. Yup, you’re feeling pretty great about yourself. But then disaster strikes.

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Jun 20
Your Attention Is Being Sold to the Highest Bidder: How We’ve All Become Products

We’ve slowly transitioned from living, breathing humans into nothing more than a set of eyeballs advertisers can buy. How did this happen? We explore in this post.


Every single second you are being sold. Did you feel it? Maybe not. Because it’s subtle. And we’ve grown used to it. 

Your attention currently powers the greatest corporations of our time. Most of the current innovations across Google, Facebook, and other internet giants are funded by our eyeballs. Our focused attention.

These giant networks sell our attention to advertisers who then sell us products that are based upon the data these companies provided them. How else do you think the sidebar ads that keep showing up are strangely compelling and begging you to click?

Below we look at why advertisers are battling over our attention and what we can do to protect ourselves from this raging war. READ MORE “Your Attention Is Being Sold to the Highest Bidder: How We’ve All Become Products”

Jun 6
How Your Public Venting Can Cost You Your Job, and What to Do Instead

Posting unsavory things on social media can end up costing you your job, and diminish future employment choices. Inside, we show you what to avoid.


We’re all prone to sharing and saying things we wish we never did. It’s hard to be on our toes 24/7 and consistently say the right things. And, with the advent of social media, our means of expression have only grown. We can now share our opinions and thoughts with the world anytime we wish, and that can bring about a host of new problems of we aren’t careful!
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May 30
Why Your Secrets Are No Longer Secrets

What we think we share privately isn’t actually private. In this post we explore the concept of online privacy, and if it actually exists today.


A lot of us have Facebook messages, text messages, and emails that we hope will never see the light of day. Not that these messages are incriminating, but if they got out, it wouldn’t reflect well on our public reputations. READ MORE “Why Your Secrets Are No Longer Secrets”

May 16
How Social Media is Enabling Online and Offline Bullying

Did you know that teen social media use can actually lead to online and offline bullying? We look at why this occurs and a few ways to remedy this.


In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought this was an important time to bring the issues of cyberbullying and offline bullying to light. Social media connects us in many ways and has brought a myriad of benefits into our lives. However, when such a young technology spreads so quickly, we never truly know the negative consequences until it’s too late. READ MORE “How Social Media is Enabling Online and Offline Bullying”