Jun 8
The silent web: Is encryption here to stay?

What’s your secret? Encrypted instant messaging is the latest trend, from apps like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Telegram and Signal to Wire, Wickr and Surespot. Not forgetting Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime. Before we know it, everything will be encrypted. It mostly already is.

Encryption often crops up when talking about criminals, usually painted as a tool for terrorism, but that’s just spin from power grabbing politicians – we already live in an encrypted world. ATMs, phone calls, bank transfers, even the files we sync with Dropbox – it’s all encrypted. It’s got to be. The trend towards encrypted messaging apps is just the latest part of the jigsaw.

“Previously accessible only to those in the upper realms of technology and security, encryption has gone mainstream,” says Jacob Ginsberg, Senior Director at email encryption company Echoworx. “We’re seeing everything from apps and platforms being purpose-built specifically for encryption, to mainstream sites and messaging platforms choosing to now embrace it.”

There’s nothing weird about encryption. “It’s about offering the same levels of privacy you get from closing a door or lowering your voice, which aren’t seen as secretive actions,” says Alan Duric, Co-Founder and CTO at secure messaging app Wire, who thinks that privacy should be a part of everyone’s personal digital life.

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Author: Frederick Ghahramani

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