Jun 6
Just10 Review by BerryReporter.com

When it comes to social networks, we all have at least one, probably a few actually.  Most social networks were developed to be a great way to stay connected to friends and family members who might be far away from each other. They are also a great way to connect with people who you might have things in common with, like a group for a certain sports team. Facebook, probably the biggest social network today, was designed for college students to connect with one another and connect with other students who they don’t have an everyday interaction with.  I have a Facebook account and loved that I could stay in touch with my family back home in Pennsylvania when I was living in Connecticut.  They or I would share photos, thoughts, and other things that allowed the other to share with.

Let’s face it though, a lot of my friends on Facebook, aren’t actually that big of friends to me in real life. Now before I have anyone of my Facebook friends start complaining let me explain.  We all have people on our Facebook friends list that we are friends with, but haven’t spoken to in a few years but keep them on our friends list in hopes they might share something interesting one day. If you have a lot of friends on your Facebook friends list you might have a pretty busy feed with posts about things or from people you may not care deeply about.

Another thing about Facebook is that it has become more about news and ads then it has been about friends and staying in contact.  The amount of Facebook posts that I have to scroll through from news sources like CNN or NBC just to get to post from friends and family members is a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I love being informed and knowing what’s going on in the news but I would rather go check a news app on my phone or read/watch the news. Let’s not forget about those pesky advertisements you have to get through too. We all hate ads I’m sure but yet Facebook is filled with them.  (Yes I know Facebook isn’t the only social network out there and these points are all true for other networks).

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Author: Frederick Ghahramani

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