Feb 4
Finally – There’s an Ad-Free & Private Social Network!

Today is a special day in our office.

After what feels like an eternity of hard work, debate, healthy snacks, unhealthy snacks, testing, retesting, and re-retesting  (thank you New Zealand!) we’re finally opening up Just10 to a global audience.

We know there’s a lot of features missing, and there’s definitely bugs that we haven’t yet identified, but today we’ve reached a point where we can proudly and publicly hang our shingle and let the world know what we’re trying to achieve.

And This is Where Just10 is Headed: 

Ad-Free – No ads. Ever. No tracking. No Scraping. No snooping. No third-party data brokers, or analytics tools, none of it.

Clean & Simple – No company pages, no app pages, no bots or suggested brands to follow. This is a clean and simple service, just for you and your closest friends. If we do this right, we think we can reach a point where we will no longer need to build new features.

Privacy – Today we offer functional privacy – private profiles, automatic deletion after 10 days, nothing ever public facing. Post-beta we will roll out full end-to-end encryption. Giving you freedom from snoopers, fraudsters, advertisers, and even politicians.

Thank you for reading this. We hope you love where this is going, and we would be delighted to hear your feedback and suggestions.

To get started on Just10, visit https://just10.com

Photo: Just10 team (missing are 4 shy, sick, and/or telecommuting members)
Photo: Just10 team (missing: 5 shy, sick, and telecommuting members)

Author: Frederick Ghahramani

Mi run tings ere.