Jan 28
Kia Ora – New Ad-Free Social Network for NZ

Today we’re delighted to announce that our pre-release product goes live in one country only, and that country is… drum roll please… New Zealand!

Why New Zealand You May Ask?

Well firstly, people in New Zealand are some of the most educated consumers in the world when it comes to Privacy and Data Protection. One recent study done by the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner revealed that 77 Percent of New Zealanders had changed their Facebook privacy settings to private. By my calculation, that means nearly 6 out of 10 adults in New Zealand want a fully private social network.

55 % of Kiwis Have Given Up…

Our friends in New Zealand have recognized that it’s a constant struggle to maintain their privacy inside social networks, which is why sadly¬†55 percent now view social networks as ‘public spaces’ (up from 43 percent in 2012) – and increasingly are forced to act as such.

Help is On The Way…

Well worry not our Kiwi friends. Help is finally on the way! And today, you can help us build a new kind of social network – one that’s 100% private and Ad-Free – by joining our beta program.

So go ahead and say what you want, after all…


Thank you in advance for your help New Zealand, we hope you love what we’ve built.

— fredG

PS – You can join our New Zealand beta by visiting: HERE


Author: Frederick Ghahramani

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